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Una mano

Mobile app & website

Design a charity app that connects donors with deserving beneficiaries, bridging the gap and facilitating impactful contributions.



In Uruguay, online money donations are challenging due to existing platforms being location-based rather than focusing on organizations' needs.


Our goal was to promote transparency and empathy by sharing the stories of organizations and updating users on donation statuses, fostering a connection that inspires people to contribute and make a positive impact.


We conducted thorough benchmarking, user analysis, and meticulous project planning to glean valuable insights and secure initial validation from a diverse range of accelerators.
Una Mano Landing Page
Una Mano App


We aimed to connect with users on an emotional level, allowing them to choose recipients and reasons for their donations.


Users now have visibility into their expenditure, the recipients of their donations, and the impact organizations make with their contributions.
Una Mano Infographics


Various gamification techniques were leveraged to captivate users and drive engagement effectively.
Gamification strategies encouraged financial contributions through personal narratives and empathy towards charitable organizations.
Users can now choose from various payment methods like credit cards, PayPal, etc, giving them autonomy in managing transactions smoothly.
Una Mano App


Throughout the Design phase, the app underwent rigorous testing to ensure user engagement and validate the user flows.
Una Mano App Overview


The primary focus was on developing a mobile app, complemented by a landing page for marketing, as well as the creation of the app logo and brand guidelines.
Una Mano Landing Page

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