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Web design for a freelanace UI developer to showcase skills and knowledge across his field.



Texts were reduced to their minimums to keep users focused.


In a very competitive area you need to stand out and show the same information differently that’s why we decided to have fun with tertiary pages like error pages and loadings.


They were introduced along the website to reach the emotions of the users and keep them engaged.


After the design has finished, we conducted a heuristic evaluation to find pain points we could’ve missed or generated.


Google Analytics was incorporated to learn about the user and start adding improvements

Personal branding

Some marketing elements were thought to be added on different social networks to potentiate his brand.

Visual QA

During development, visual QAs were conducted to identify inconsistencies with the mocks handed to the dev team.


Design assets
It was provided with a full UI kit with all the elements needed for development and future updates of the site.
For this project, we went for responsive covering XXL monitors and small phones.
Style guide
It was created as a side project for the right use of the personal branding and all design elements.

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