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Web design for an Architecture Studio to showcase their project and services.



The client requested for a modern “architecture look” website, so by using their brand and products we created a modern and clean website.


The main color used by the client was black and gold so we followed the percentages used on their brand to create a website that balances with the logo.


Animations played a big role here. We decided to go for subtle animations just to provide movement and interaction.


As the main user was basically people that need to build a house, through the design process, we took into account motor, hearing and visual issues users might have.


They were optimized to avoid delaying as images played a very important role.


On this opportunity we had to avoid responsiveness and go for adaptability as the visuals at all levels were very important for the client.


For this particular project, the research focused mostly on benchmarking and visuals as we had to discover what the client’s “architecture look” looked like.


Brand guide
The brand guide was updated as the element website was not taken into account so some definitions had to be made.
The design was accessible in a 90% as some elements the client decided no to follow the recommendations and put the brand in the first place.
We delivered the new updated brand guide, a clickable prototype and all the assets and access to the files to the client’s dev team to develop it.

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