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UX/UI Design for Arena Strive app used for clinicians to track their stress levels during work at a hospital.
Arena StriveArena Strive



Arena Strive already had a responsive website, but it was not so easy to use and also wasn’t providing the right information at the right time.

App Branding

They had their own brand colors but wanted to introduce a new one based on their elements, that’s how we found new shades form images they use.


Prototypes were made for testing purposes and be able to capture improvements and receive feedback.


A visual trail was introduced for users to locate themselves into the whole learning path.
Arena Strive Mockup
Arena Strive Wireframes


The main users were front line clinicians that had very little time to interact with the app.


Brand usage was a difficult task due to the dark color palette and the missing accessible accent color.
Arena Strive Branding


To engage users, some gamification techniques were introduced to make it more fun.
Users can learn along the way why it is good to do the suggested exercises.
Visual, hearing and motor disabilities were taken into account.
Arena Strive Mockups
The agency had a positive and respectful demeanor at each turn. They made decisions and took the creative challenges with a true passion.
Glen Trachtenberg
Head of Product & Partnerships at Arena Labs

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