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UX/UI Website consulting

Website UX/UI enhancements for a card game platform to empower users to master their skills and enjoy a seamless gaming experience.


User research

The website has been live with a significant user base, so they provided enough feedback for us to work on the improvements.

UX Design

A heuristic evaluation was conducted to identify areas for enhancing the current experience.


Although the client provided the dark mode palette, enhancements were made to improve contrast and enhance visual appeal.
4hope App Overview
4hope Re-branding


A new logo was crafted while staying true to the original design concept. A fresh color was introduced to move away from the original red, which is now reserved for alerts and specific sections.


Given the nature of the website, the design elements had to evoke the emotions and ambiance of the game itself. Colors, images, fonts, and shadows were drawn from the original game to maintain coherence and enhance the gaming experience.
4hope cards design


A card sharing feature was introduced to enhance the overall sharing experience.
Animations were implemented to align it closely with the game's atmosphere and increase user engagement .
Enhancements in contrast, font size, and overall consistency were made across the site to cater to a wider range of users and improve usability.


By incorporating modals and drawers that are activated based on the specific context and required action, users were provided with timely access to pertinent information, thereby streamlining their decision-making process.
4hope App Navigation
4hope Desktop and App
The agency had a positive and respectful demeanor at each turn. They made decisions and took the creative challenges with a true passion.
Glen Trachtenberg
Head of Product & Partnerships at Arena Labs

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